How To Get Laid with a Guitar – Funny Video

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A funny video I ran into on YouTube – How To Get Laid With A Guitar.

Learning Guitar to Get Laid

There’s also a “Volume 2” if you’re interested.

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Guitar World Magazine10 Songs That’ll Get You LuckyI highly doubt that a Lifehouse song would get anyone laid though. 

Another list of “useful” songs and tricks.

A study that says that women are more attracted to men who play guitar. Like somebody needed a study for that…

That’s it, Peace and have fun. Please feel free to share your lucky songs in the comments below.

*Originally posted on January ’15.

how to get laid with a guitar funny

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1 comment for “How To Get Laid with a Guitar – Funny Video

  1. Dave
    January 30, 2015 at 12:23 AM

    Collegehumor are the best… Haha their youtube channel is dangerous, you check it out to see just one clip and you end up wastin’ a full hour.

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