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Just in time for the holidays, if you were looking to get into some guitar theory – here’s your perfect chance.

The book that I personally first learned theory with, and that I still come back to – Guitar Theory Revolution, is now on a 40% off offer for GuitarHippies readers, which lowers it from 39$ to 23$.

If you’re looking to be able to:

  • Dramatically shorten your improvement curve on the guitar.
  • Jam with other people and improvise your own solos.
  • Understand the music that you’re playing and be able to better express yourself on your guitar.
  • Be able to write your own songs.
  • Open the doors to any other instrument that you’ll choose to play in the future, and be able to easily pick it up.

What I liked the most about this book is that unlike most other theory resources, which view the guitar as a “lesser” instrument to learn theory on, and try to teach from a piano (or a general, no-instrument) point of view, in Guitar Theory Revolution, the author uses the circle of 4ths and 5ths, which the guitar is tuned by, to teach you theory in a groundbreaking and very convenient way.

Check it out here. (use the coupon GTRHIPPIE40 for the discount)

learn guitar theory online

Use the coupon GTRHIPPIE40 to get the discount.


learn guitar theory (2)

If you’re still wondering “why bother” – here are the answers.

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