Music Room Design! 11 Ways To Design An Astonishing Music Room

Hey good people! My name is Alon, I'm 27 and I play mainly the guitar, piano, and harmonica. In the last few years, I traveled through four different continents with my guitar while performing and teaching music. Currently, I am based in sunny Tel Aviv, Israel. The GuitarHippies mission: To get you to enjoy your musical journeys to the fullest. Cheers!

A beautiful and inspiring space to play your music in can be the one factor that'll SKYROCKET your will to sit more hours on your music, enjoy it more, and get better faster! So how exactly do we do it? I'm here to give you some inspiring ideas. Music room design – here we go:
One side of my music room.

One side of my music room.

Today's the time to get artsy and get our creativity going full throttle. We are going to take your standard room of your choice in your house, whether it's a living room, your bedroom or your whole apartment, design it and turn it into a jaw-dropping space that will invite you to sit and make music in. Your life are going to get much better!
Here are 11 ways to do it that I have used myself in my last two apartments. All the pictures on the article are from my places. Please feel free to play around with these ideas, make them your own, add comments with new ideas. Links to pictures of your music room designs would be super welcome!

Music Room Design – The DIY Way

1 – First, Get Some Instruments Around!
This is a music room of course, so first things first. For me, there's nothing more inspiring and that fills my heart more than a room full of musical instruments that are just begging to fill the space with their sounds. Even if you don't play multiple instruments, and even if it's an old instrument that is not even in a playable condition, you can still hang it in the room and enjoy the great energies it adds.
This ranges from your great grandmother's flute that you found to some old cello that I have seen in a friend's living room after the previous owner just left it. It still looked great even though it was dusty and was missing two strings. So whatever you can – show it off in your room in an attractive way! More on stands and hangers in a minute.
music room design 1

Feel free to arrange the instruments like your room is a music show hall…

2 – Paint The Walls With Vivid & Lively Colors

Everyone notices the atmosphere differences between a plain white, boring room to a room with lively colors. Also, think about creative painting ideas and patterns. You can see that in my apartment I used freestyle brushes in orange and yellow. I love warmer colors but anything can work for you as long as YOU enjoy the atmosphere it radiates.

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Take a day, buy some paints, watch some painting tutorials and go wild with these walls. It's not that hard to do and it's a blast of fun!

3 – Hang Vinyls / Vinyl Covers

Vinyls, especially old and classy ones – were always a thing that I liked collecting. There is something about this full sized art that is just amazing and very retro as well. Recently vinyls see a “resurrection” in some genres, but I will still always go with the used classic rock vinyls.

You can find new & used vinyls on Amazon and also on various eBay stores. If you dig hard enough, you can find bargains for as low as 5-15$ for some really old ones. The most expensive vinyl I have in my collection (on the bottom right of the pic below) still only cost me 20$ – it's more affordable than how you might perceive it.

music room design

Some of my vinyl collection, miniature instruments, postcards, posters. All in my kitchen.


music room design

The music space in my new apartment. Slowly I'll be able to fill the walls with more vinyls as I put my hands on more collectibles from artists that I love.

4 – High-Quality Floor Speakers
Nothing like unwinding for a chill after a long week with your favorite music playing out of some high-quality speakers, when you can hear every little nuance in the song. Getting a second hand here is always a great option to save money and get a much better sound quality for your budget, and I got mine used for a third of their MSRP. (you can see them in the pictures above)
Even when they just sit there silent, they still go great with the “music room design theme”. Remember that good speakers never really wear out so consider it a multiple year investment that stays with you.
Browse here for any kind and any price range of speakers.
5 – Music Pictures & Posters

Good ol' posters… Very affordable and always easy to find ones that you like on huge websites like AllPosters that also has an unbelievably huge selection of music posters. Either if it's your favorite music artist poster or a painting of some people jammin', you can't go wrong! Also – if you have good pictures that you took yourself in concerts or such, and they're of good quality, why not hang them?

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Below you can see a picture I took in The House Of Blues in Chicago and later printed out on canvas. BTW, this band is The California Honeydrops and they were the best live act I have seen – they went down to the audience with all their instruments and just partied with the crowd!

music room design ideas

Find a nearby photo store that would be able to make a favorite pic of yours into a beautiful wall canvas. The price I got for the print you see above was about 50$.

The original picture - The California Honeydrops live in Chicago

The original picture – The California Honeydrops that I saw live in Chicago

6 – A DIY Music Collage

I came up with this idea by total coincidence and eventually it turned into my favorite piece of art in this world. In this post you can read more about how to do it yourself.


Click the promo to learn how to create your own cover art collage.

7 – Guitar Wall Hangers
Wall hangers are my favorite way to display guitars is on the walls. Most of these hangers will require drilling two small holes in the wall. If you do not want to drill, the next option is for you:
design Music Room ideas

Wall hangers. Before you buy these, make sure you have some drilling equipment & experience, or that you know someone who does.

8 – Floor Guitar Stands
Notice that usually there will be a different one for an acoustic and an electric guitar so pay attention to what you order. Browse here for all guitar stands.
music room design

Floor guitar stands are an easy choice and can be moved easily around your house.

9 – Turn An Old Instrument Into An Art Project, And Hang It

Recently I bought a used beaten-up trumpet for 40$ in a pawn shop in New Orleans with the intent to go crazy with it, paint it with strong colors and hang it later. Below is a good example of a project like this. When I will finally get to it, I will update here with a DIY tutorial and show you my own results.

music room design color trumpets

This is not something that I have right now, but an artsy instrument project is definitely on my TDL.

10 – Miniature Instruments, Musical Merchandise, Etc

This one is easy. I bet you have some small things that you collected over time or some musical gifts that you have received from friends and family. Well, put them on display instead of keeping them in the drawer! Here you can see a bunch of super nice examples for cool music shit you can buy for cheap and decorate with. You can see a couple of my miniature guitars in the picture of idea number 3 by the sink.

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11 – Musical Bookshelf

On my bookshelf I have various chord books that I've made myself or bought, books like “Jazz” and the “The Ultimate Guitar Encyclopedia“, autobiographies from Keith Richards (my favorite one), Bob Dylan, Anthony Kiedis and more.

That's it. Go ahead, get some new cool stuff and go crazy with your music room design and turn your room into something that will inspire you and your music each time you walk in it!

My new apartment. The vinyls on the walls make me start each day with a smile.

My new apartment! The vinyls on the walls make me start each day with a smile.

Also, I am no expert at all on the subject, but room acoustics are definitely something you want to make sure you get right, especially if you are going to play in bigger setups in this room – a band with a drums for example.

In this link, you can see a ton of other inspiring examples of different music room designs.

Thank you for reading, peace and have fun!

What are YOUR favorite music room props? Please comment and share your ideas with other people reading, I appreciate it!

Note: Most instruments are better stored in a case, especially because of long-term wear so pay attention, especially with solid wood guitars. Big humidity and temperature changes can do harm over a long time so if you leave the house for more than a couple days – store the instruments in their cases – otherwise – I never had a problem and my instruments are outside their cases most of the time.

*Originally posted on December '14.

music room design

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