Video: 8 Ways to Skyrocket Your MUSICALITY

Hey good people! My name is Alon, I'm 27 and I play mainly the guitar, piano, and harmonica. In the last few years, I traveled through four different continents with my guitar while performing and teaching music. Currently, I am based in sunny Tel Aviv, Israel. The GuitarHippies mission: To get you to enjoy your musical journeys to the fullest. Cheers!

Hey all,

Musicality, according to the merriam-webster dictionary, is “sensitivity to, knowledge of, or talent for music”.[1]

What it practically means in my opinion is your all-around musical skills, and that means:

  • How well you can play your instrument.
  • How well-developed are your ears, and your ability to tell intervals, harmonies, etc.
  • How tasteful you sound when you are improvising lead guitar for example. (or any other lead)
  • Or even more simply: how good is the music you create. (whether it's your own music or someone else's)

In this video, I discuss 8 different thing you can do that I think are very beneficial to your music skills, and can make you a much better musician. ENJOY: (scroll down for a lot more goodies regarding what you'll see in the vid)

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8 Ways to Skyrocket Your MUSICALITY

As promised, here are the links for all the good stuff that I mentioned in the lesson.

My favorite “home musicians” YouTube channels: (check out their most popular videos)

Josh Turner – My favorite. This guy has amazing skills on many stringed instruments, he sings well, and he brings the coolest and most talented friends to jam along with him. Mostly rock, jazz and blues classics.

Ortopilot – Beautiful acoustic covers, mostly all played by this one guy.

Samurai Guitarist – Creates some insane stuff, such as “one guy plays five guitars at the same time” / “five instruments at the same time”. He is a great teacher as well and makes great lessons.

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Aiden and Evelin – some of the best harmonica covers, made by a Korean couple. It can get corny, but it's still great.

My favorite guitar teachers on YouTube (and just guitar people who do really cool, viral stuff):

RockOnGoodPeople – most of their teachers are great, and they have over a 1000 videos.

Music Is Win – A Berklee grad who's creating some of the best lessons and funniest videos. Love this dude.

Paul Davids – Very helpful lessons, all the way from beginners to advanced material. He can definitely play.

Andertons Music – cool product reviews and videos in the style of “creating a Jimi Hendrix rig in 500$”…)

Rob Scallon – perhaps the craziest guitar channel. (he actually plays all kinds of stringed instruments)

Chicago Music Exchange – Some of the coolest guitars you'll ever see, played by great players.

SteveTerreberry – Funny guitar related stuff.

Scott's Bass Lessons – if you'll ever wanna play the bass guitar.

Singing, Harmonica

Superior Singing Method – I have done my first steps in singing using this excellent online course.

Harmonica Jamz – My harmonica course.

musicality tips

I believe the harmonica helped me a lot with developing musicality, since as a guitarist it was the first instrument I played which really made me pay attention to single notes.

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