The “21 Days Guitar Skills PRODUCTIVITY BOOST!”

Hey good people! My name is Alon, I'm 27 and I play mainly the guitar, piano, and harmonica. In the last few years, I traveled through four different continents with my guitar while performing and teaching music. Currently, I am based in sunny Tel Aviv, Israel. The GuitarHippies mission: To get you to enjoy your musical journeys to the fullest. Cheers!

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You want to get better quickly on the guitar BUT you are not ready to commit for a long-term daily guitar practice routine? Or maybe guitar is not one of your life’s top priorities right now, but of course if I’ll tell you how you can easily be a MUCH better player in just three weeks from now you will be willing to consider what I offer?

No problem my friends! I have a great solution that is assured to take your guitar skills up a full notch or two, and all it takes is a little commitment for only 21 days.

Can't practice. I'm too bust. (:

Can’t practice guitar. I’m too busy (:

Ready? So here’s what it takes to become a much better guitar player in just three weeks:

The 21 Days Guitar Skills Productivity Boost

Step 1 – Build yourself a daily guitar practice routine. It is easy, fun, and right here you can find all the guidelines to form a very effective practice routine.

Step 2 – Follow that routine for the next 21 days. A good practice length to start with will range from 40-60 minutes. Everybody can have a free 40-60 minutes in a day! Cut some TV / social media time!

Step 3 Enjoy the improvement! Throughout the next 21 days, you will notice a massive improvement in your guitar skills! In fact, even guitarists who have had a practice routine for a long time will tell you that the beginning is the most fun part because that is where the progress you make is very prominent and you feel rewarded for every minute you put in. Plateaus only happen later as you progress with your routines if you do not freshen things up, but the beginning is always great if your practice is consistent.

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Step 4 – Day 21 is here. Perhaps you have formed a new habit and you will almost automatically find the motivation to carry on with your routine. Even if not, you are now a better guitar player, your fingers are flowing much more smoothly, you feel “in shape” music-wise, and you have displayed to yourself a huge amount of self-discipline during those 21 days that prove that you can keep practicing daily if only you choose to!

Ready? Set? Now go get your routine down and get much better in just 21 days!

Peace fellas! Thank you for reading and have fun.

And it's not even as complex as you might think it is. (in the picture: me playing some lead guitar - another thing which is possible thanks to a solid theory knowledge)

Three weeks from now and you’re a much better guitar player. Deal?

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4 comments for “The “21 Days Guitar Skills PRODUCTIVITY BOOST!”

  1. Danielle
    July 12, 2017 at 6:31 AM

    Hi! I play chords and want to take my playing to the next level. I want to be able to play solo or do relaxing msuic on guitar. My playing sounds very amateur playing just chords I can do barre chords and fingerpicking chords but I’m really wanting to play more lines on the guitar. Does this make sense? Any tips on how I can do that? Thank you!

    • Alon Cooper
      July 23, 2017 at 5:20 PM

      Hi Danielle, yes of course it makes sense. I personally haven’t taken a well structured route on my ongoing journey to learn “lead guitar” (that’s the name for what you’re looking for – playing solos and riffs/lines.

      I do recommend a good resource and give more good details on this topic in the next article:
      Guitar THEORY – 7 Undeniable Reasons To Stop Neglecting it, And HOW TO Learn It Effectively!

  2. Jo Branum
    July 26, 2016 at 2:14 PM

    Sounds good but sticking too it. I’m. 65 years old, and it keeps me learning. Have a husband so can’t play too early, because he sleeps late. I have short fingers, so I have difficulty in holding certain chords. Can you help with that?

    • Alon
      July 29, 2016 at 5:32 AM

      hey Jo! I am very happy you started following the 21 Days productivity Boost and I am sure you’ll gain some good skills by doing it. Regarding short fingers, a couple of things: Look for YouTube lessons for beginners to make sure that you are actually fingering the chords in the correct and most efficient way. I have seen many girls with small fingers who do very well with any kind of guitar. If you’re still having trouble, you might be more comfortable with playing a 3/4 (three quarters) sized guitar. You might be able to trade in yours for one.

      All the best, Alon.

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